Why choose cellasys for your Organ-on-Chip experiments?

  • User-friendly: With the end-user in mind, we design platforms which let you focus on your experiments, not the technology.
  • Automated fluidic system: Due to the computer controlled fluidic system no manual pipetting is necessary.
  • Free up time: Connect your BioChip or MicroPlate, click start, and get the results delivered live.
  • Multiparametric real-time monitoring: Our label-free sensors allow continuous monitoring.
  • Integrate into existing workflow: Designed with and for standardized lab consumables, you can stick to your established workflows.
  • Recovery assay: The predefined cellasys #8 assay allows monitoring of recovery and repeated doses.
  • Systems engineering for you since 2007: cellasys has a +15 years expertise in developing microphysiometric and automated solutions for cell based assays. Since our beginnings at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) we are driven to make your life easier and increase reproducibility in the labs worldwide.

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