Fluidic head

Order No. 08804

Size: 25 x 14 x 32 mm³

Weight: 5,6 g

Transparent connection of BioChip with fluidic system.

Reference electrode

 Order No. 08805

Size: 177 x 6 x 6 mm³

Weight: 2,1 g

Ag/AgCl reference electrode.

FM cable

 Order No. 08812

Size: 300 cm

Weight: 225 g

For connection of fluidic module to ISS.

IMOLA support system (ISS-3)

Order No. 08601

Size: 230 x 110 x 53 mm³

Weight: 895 g

IMOLA support system for parallel usage of up to three IMOLAs.


Order No. 08803

Size: 40 x 6 x 6 mm³

Weight: 0,35 g

Barrel for the reference electrode.

Barrels are delivered in Ag saturated 3M KCl solution.

Distribution cap

Order No. 08808

Size: 60 x 51 x 51 mm³

Weight: 28 g

Contact element for connection of GL45 bottle with the IMOLA fluidic module (without flask).

Contact plate

Order No. 08806

Size: 40 x 37 x 4.4 mm³

Weight: 4,4 g

Contact plate for BioChips.

Gold strip

Order No. 08802

Size: 21 x 1.5 x 1.6 mm³

Weight: < 0,1 g Contact strip to be inserted into the contact plate.

LED module

Order No. 08608

Size: 200 mm

Weight: 50 g

Connector with two LEDs for stimulation of photosynthesis.

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