Pancreatic islets, and in particular insulin producing beta-cells, can be monitored under different conditions of nutrient supply. The metabolic measurement of beta-cells or islets can provide basic information on their viability and functional capacity in regenerative medicine.

Here, changes in the metabolic activity of the beta-cell line, INS-1E, are detected when exposed to glucose concentrations equivalent to physiologically low and high blood glucose levels; conditions which regulate insulin secretion.

Cellular model: INS-1E pancreatic beta cells as 2D monolayer


To investigate e.g. anti-inflammatory properties of food additives interactions between cells and additive can be monitored.

The example shows the interference between an additive and escherichia coli bacteria after 9 h of interaction.



To investigate the potential of algae for biofuel production the vitality of the algae can be monitored during changing environmental conditions.

Algae undergoing photo-synthetic activity under luminous conditions produce oxygen and  consume more oxygen when under darkened conditions.

Cellular model: Local Japanese algae as suspension

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